M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions


Konosko Group has a rich history in advising Italian and Chinese investors as intermediary in the field of the acquisition of portfolios, assets and companies, with a specific focus on mergers and acquisitions.

Investment advice is extended to a variety of projects and operations, offering a global service to clients. We commonly work with manufacturing companies, trading houses and banks, corporate groups, private-equity societies, and financial mediators.


Konosko Group is a leader in the formulation, management and finalization of extraordinary transactions through a relativistic approach that hinges on the economic and business context in which they are made.

The M&A area offers consultancy of the highest quality, covering all industry sectors, as our skilled and experienced team implement a dynamic approach to operations sharpened by years of refinement.

Konosko is able to support the kind of structuring and execution of M&A bilateral between Italy and China that requires intensive planning, comprehensive evaluations, and meticulously thorough professional support.

In all areas of consideration, the Group marries an integrated and unified management of each of the corporate, legal, and accounting fields with significant specializations in each.

In particular:

  • Tax, financial, legal due diligence (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent or memorandums of understanding)
  • Acquisition contracts and shareholdings
  • Contracts for the sale of company and business units
  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings
  • Antitrust Law
  • Mergers, demergers and contributions
  • Local and international extraordinary operations Tax-planning

Our professionals assist industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions and investment funds in private equity transactions, spin-offs, leveraged and management buyouts, venture capital, real estate and project finance, and in general any extraordinary corporate transaction, supporting its customers in all phases of due diligence (legal and tax), negotiations, drafts of investment agreements and all related contracts.



  • Meeting with potential customers in China or Italy and analysis of their needs
  • Study of the potential of the company and identification of objectives (What kind of investment interests do you have? What is the budget of the company? What do you want to achieve?)
  • Agreed definition of the best strategy
  • System Analysis, Chinese and Italian, investment incentives.


  • Search of target companies through our network in Italy and in China
  • Preliminary Investigations on the status of potential partner companies
  • Report based on the results obtained and an initial short assessment
  • Start of communicating and trading on behalf of the client, preparation of necessary legal documents (confidentiality agreement, memorandum of understanding, …) and due diligence of the target company
  • Meeting with the client and the target company in China and Italy


  • Realization of the investment project
  • Enhancement of the customer’s business
  • Creation of a long-term partnership characterized by trust and professionalism
  • Reaching the goal of internationalization for the Chinese companies too, following the the policy of “GO GLOBAL”