Small and Medium Enterprises


China increasingly represents a significant commercial partner for a host of the world’s countries, and those of Italian origin are no different. Its considerable economic weight positions it as a key outlet market and supplier for a raft of businesses and companies worldwide.

This said, however, whilst the staggering percentage and sustained period of its economic growth have drawn the attention and plaudits of traders, the country remains a highly competitive market demanding clear, structured, and unwavering strategies to business.

P4B accompanies and assists SMEs in the new market by adopting a keen, flexible attitude and bespoke approach; it seeks to provide guidance in each and every phase of the delicate process of internationalization.

Working step-by-step with entrepreneurs in the design and implementation of their business affairs, relying on a wide consolidated international network of professionals, P4B offers to its clients a tool for the internationalization, which fits the specific company needs and business goals.



Konosko Group has recently signed two important cooperation agreements with Shanghai International Cooperation Associations of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), one of the most important associations of small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai and Shanghai Food Association (SFA), which cooperates with a lot of association all over the world and agrees to create a bridge between Italy and China on food business.
The main purpose of these agreements is to create more opportunities and benefits for the enterprises in Italy and China, which may strengthen the cooperation and develop concrete business relations. Allow with these agreements Konosko Group shall provide to SME and SFA all the information of Italian companies which are willing to carry on business in China. Correspondingly, these Associations will provide to Konosko Group all the information of Chinese companies willing to carry on business in Italy.
This sharing of information will create more opportunities for the cooperation of the small and medium-sized enterprises in China and Italy.
Konosko has signed an agreement with Communication and Economy department of Modena and Reggio Emilia University, one of the most ancient Italian universities, it was founded in 1175, which has almost 20.000 students and in 2016 it is ranked 2nd among public universities according to National Agency of evaluation.
This is a three years agreement, and undertakes our Group to host, both in Italy and China, students from undergraduate courses in economy and law for doing an internship. For the university students this represents a concrete opportunity to confront with international business realty and a stimulating workplace; this also allows the students to enrich their curriculum with a significant professional experience.