Konosko Group

Konosko Group is proud of its history of working to consult and assist with the commercial penetration of Italian companies in China, and boasts similarly ancient roots to the country itself.

Founded and headquartered in Shanghai by Adriano Zublena, Konosko has operated in  China since 1996, growing rapidly and developing services that today make us an invaluable point of reference for Italian companies working within China. Moreover, our considerable experience and knowledge is an invaluable resource for companies seeking to establish themselves in the country, as well as for organizations and institutions with varying goals and ambitions.

During the 25 years since its inception, Konosko has mirrored China’s sharp and sustained growth, adapting to the shifting needs of their clientele to ensure their projects are concluded successfully.

Supplemented by a number of high-profile Italian and Chinese professionals, Konosko soon moved to partition its activities into three distinct branches: Konosko Law Firm (KLF), Konosko Accounting Firm (KAF), and Konosko Investment Consulting & Services (KIC & S). Operating more concisely, these subdivisions offer a sequential package of comprehensive services to the client, unfolding from the point of contact through KIC & S with an investment profiling procedure, before the construction of the legal basis for the project is done with KLF. Once the project enters its management and investment phase, it becomes fully operative in conjunction with the accounting experts at KAF.


Law Firm


Today, the firm is in pride of place among the main stakeholders in the international arena, thanks mainly to a gold standard of professionalism forged over 25 years of experience.

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Accounting Firm


The team of accountants at Konosko Accounting Firm offer accounting and tax advice to small and medium-sized businesses, both in China and abroad.

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Konosko Investment provides Italian and European partners in China with specialised assistance and personnel in order to handle any managerial or administrative concerns.

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Adriano Zublena and Tracy Zhang with a Client
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