China Cityguard Security Services Group & Konosko Group

China Cityguard Security Group was established in Shanghai, China in 2005 having security-related services as its main core business. As a fully licensed private security entity, the group's service divisions include armed escort, company security engineering design and implementation with a China wide coverage servicing a large base of prominent high end business clientele.

Konosko Group, supplemented by a number of high-profile professionals, has operated in China since 1996, growing rapidly and developing services that today make it an invaluable point of reference. Konosko today distributes its activities into three distinct sectors: Law, Accounting and Investment Consulting & Services.


Recently China has defined the legal framework for the usage, share and protection of the information. After the coming in force of the Cybersecurity Law and the Data Security Law, it has been recently introduced a specific regulation concerning the protection of personal data: Personal Information Data Protection Law. It is clear that, in the future, any company that would like to stay in the market and stably develop, has to face more and more often, new dangers and challenges worldwide. For those reasons it needs to be assisted by a consultancy entity able to provide a variegate range of services that help the Company itself to face in an appropriate and safe way the future dangers and challenges. Konosko and CCG have started a strategic cooperation in order to provide those services needed by any company to face in a safe way the future dangers and challenges.

China Cityguard Security Services Group

Since its inception, China Cityguard Group has committed to "Serving Communities to Benefit People's Livelihood", and being guided by a mission to "Be the World's Leading Security Service Provider", a vision as "Ideal, Loyal, Professional & Efficient" and an enterprise fortitude in "Technology Innovation, Management and Business Model", combining with the development resources, capital funding and more than 10 years of industrious endeavor in establishing itself as China's leading security service provider. China Cityguard reinforces its commitment to Ping An China also presently cooperates actively with the government on many comprehensive security projects. As the status of China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative on the international stage progresses, China Cityguard Security Service Group will ultimately be contributing its part on the world stage.


►Security Operations & Systems Audit
►Cyber Security Data & System Audit
►Fire & Safety Systems Audit


1) DETERRENCE. Physical measures to keep people out/away from the facility. Deterrent security components can be physical barriers, such as a wall, door, or turnstyle. Technology like access control systems & video security cameras deter unauthorized persons trying to access your facility.
2) DETECTION. Just because you have deterrents in place, doesn’t mean you’re fully protected. Detection components of your physical security system help identify a potential security event or intruder. Sensors, alarms, and automatic notifications are all examples of physical security detection.
3) DELAY. There are certain security systems that are designed to slow intruders down as they attempt to enter a facility or building. Access control, requiring a key card, Face Recognition or mobile credential, is one method of delay. Smart physical security strategies have multiple ways to delay intruders, which makes it easier to mitigate a breach before too much damage is caused.
4) RESPONSE. These are the components that are in place once a breach or intrusion occurs. Examples of physical security response include communication systems, building lockdowns, and contacting emergency services or first responders.


1. Most common cyber-attack: Crypto weaknesses (39.7%), Cross-site scripting (12%) and related to System patches (8%).
2. 74% of organizations unaware of the number of digital keys and certificates they have - exposing vulnerabilities to threats from shadow IT certificates.
3. Number of security incidents involving insiders increased by 47% since 2018.
4. 70% of office workers admit to using their work devices for personal tasks.
5. 69% are using personal laptops or printers for work activities.
6. Almost 1/3 (30%) of remote workers allowed others to use their work device.


• Malware
• Ransomware
• Phishing
• DDoS and IoT
• Cryptocurrency

Protect your Business & Yourself from

►Data Loss
►Cyber Attacks & Cyber Crime
►3rd Party Risks
►Financial Loss
►Legal Risks with Regulatory Compliancy


China Cityguard Security Services Group
Level 6, Building #2, China Cityguard Plaza,
Hongqiao Sincere Center, No.683, Shenhong Road
Shanghai - China
Tel. +86 21 68406888
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Konosko Group
Office 3107-3109 Summit Centre N.1088 Yan’an Xi Road
200052, Shanghai - China
Tel. +86 21 6211 4313
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